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Group 1: Ones-to-Watch

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Difinity Solutions

Specializing in the development of medical devices and technology solutions.

About Us: As a physician developed solution, Difinity is creating a universal medication injector to improve patient outcomes in emergency situations such as overdose, cardiac arrest, or anaphylaxis. The team has worked hard to innovate a patent-pending device to make injectable medication delivery faster, safer, and easier to ultimately save lives. We are currently raising funds for the next inflection point and would benefit from the networking and experience from presenting at the Venture Showcase.

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Dream Photonics

Silicon photonic integrated circuit building blocks.

About Us: Dream photonics invents, develops, and validates new silicon photonic integrated circuit building blocks, which we make available to foundries and end users for applications such as sensors, optical communications, and optical computing.

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Nautical Crimes Investigations

Providing life saving AI-powered drone technologies to fight maritime crimes.

About Us: Illegal fishing is a global issue and it requires a comprehensive solution that is scalable globally. It requires a nuanced understanding of the existing solutions, and showcasing the unique solution we bring fourth. We believe that Venture Showcase, in the theme of 2020 and globality, is a unique space that will allow us to understand the funding landscape in this space, and get more feedback from investors, towards a future commercialization step.

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Nyoka Design Labs

The World's First Earth-Friendly Glow Stick

About us: Nyoka Design Labs is a sustianable-biotechnology innovation lab pushing the edge of what's possible with bioluminescent lighting & more. Our mission is to make innovative, eco-friendly products the norm, starting with the quintessential "wow so fun"​ but "whoah so toxic"​ ... glow stick. Using biomaterials, recombinant proteins, and a healthy dose of science magic we are now working to bring the Light Wand to market.

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A sensor for accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer in early stages.

About Us: We want to introduce Pro State to a broader community as we think our solution for prostate cancer is worth spreading. We are also eager to hear more feedback on our device from various people, including our potential customers. This helps us focus our attempts on the subjects that really matter.

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Total Flow Cannula

 Providing surgeons with a tool to prevent leg ischemia in heart-lung bypass patients

About Us: Total Flow Cannula would be delighted to present at the 2020 Venture Showcase to continue the growth and acceleration gained through Phase 1&2 of L2L. A BC born company, our goal is to partner with local investors to ultimately contribute to our unique medical device and start-up ecosystem in Vancouver as a revenue-generating BC business. As enabled by e@UBC, we continue to expand our network to fuel our goals and feel this opportunity is uniquely positioned to support us in our next steps.

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DECAP Research & Development

A biotech startup designing & researching 3D-printable protective equipment & companion devices.

About Us: DECAP aims to revolutionize the lives of 40 million researchers, healthcare workers, and animal care workers who use needles. Our products make uncapping, recapping and disposal safe, easy, and smooth. Presenting at the venture showcase will help us connect with more potential clients, users, and decision-makers as we gear up to launch our first units for purchase. It will also enable us to fine-tune our pitch in preparation for interactions with investors and partners in our journey-to-market.

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Leafi Home

Developing sustainable smart home devices to enrich your everyday life!

About Us: Our mission is to build affordable smart home solutions that will help simplify your life, so you can focus on the important things. As smart home enthusiasts ourselves - we aim to design delightful products to use. 

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Group 2: Sneak-a-Peek

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Overcoming the barriers posed by blood groups.

About Us: ABOzymes began the Spring 2020 cohort of L2L with a game-changing technology with significant commercial potential. L2L was instrumental in helping ABOzymes begin to realize its potential. In fact, its mentors would go on to formally join the venture team and co-found ABOzymes Biomedical Inc. as a corporate entity. Presenting at the Venture Showcase is a great opportunity for ABOzymes to show its progress since the Spring and demonstrate how e@UBC can catalyze venture development.

Amphoraxe Life Sciences Inc.

Rapid development of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as alternatives to conventional small molecule antibiotics

About Us: Targeting urgent global risks including antimicrobial resistance and the COVID-19 coronavirus. As a Research and Development Biotechnology Company we are generating solutions against antimicrobial resistance, safeguarding human health and securing the food chain for a growing world population. Our current target is to translate AMPs for use in veterinary applications – specifically in poultry meat and egg production – as well as novel human therapeutics.


Connecting university professors and graduate students.

About Us: We have been in E@UBC incubator since January 2020, when we only had an idea in our head and some customer interviews record in our notebooks. Since then E@UBC has tremendously helped us to grow our idea to a set of validated (or invalidated!) hypotheses, and now to a small startup, now generating recurring revenue. We are opening our first round of financing in March, and would like to be seen by suitable investors, and we believe this event is a good start for us to be seen.


Aqua Intelligent Technology

Creating safer and smarter water.

About Us: Small drinking water systems, influenced by environmental changes such as precipitation or human activities, are at risk of boil-water advisories. The community faced a solution for purchasing a brand-new drinking water system, it would cost the community $400,000 to $500,000 which was not affordable. Aqua Intelligent Technology is presenting a solution that is 20x cheaper and more reliable than existing solutions for protecting people from water-borne disease.

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Bioform Solutions

Committed to providing economical solutions to single use plastics.

About Us: Bioform exists to help our customers think differently about how they use plastic in their day to day operations. Our technology enables leading brands with a better way to remove single-use plastics from their operations by creating a wide-range of truly biodegradable products. Our goal is to be a partner, and a platform, for innovation. The bioplastics industry is in its infancy, with many large participants requiring massive infrastructure investment to create their "biodegradable" products. The most exciting part about Bioform's patented technology is it's simplicity. Bioform technology requires four products - Brown Algae, Wood Pulp, Salt and Water to create plastic-like products that challenge our polymer-based plastic competitors in almost every desirable trait - strength, stretch, flexibility, and durability. When compared to other bioplastics manufacturing processes in the market today, Bioform's process uses a fraction of the energy and heat required at production, allowing us to compete with plastic alternatives on cost as well - an aspect that has hindered product adoption to date. Bioform has identified a number of valuable product applications across three key industries - Packaging, Agriculture, and Healthcare. These industries are some of the world's largest contributors to the plastic waste problem which is a leading contributor to our growing climate emergency. When Bioform helps these industries remove plastics from their operations, we change the world and help shape sustainability for all of society.


The C.O.D.E. Initiative Foundation

Creating Opportunities. Defining Education.

About Us: We are extremely passionate about sharing our journey and advocating for equal opportunities for youth with neurodiversities and other exceptionalities. We are also the co-founders of a second separate but related venture that is in the CORE program (phase 2). We are hoping to gain experience pitching and presenting, so we can build on our own professional skills.

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Female Founders | Curated Apprenticeships. 

About Us: FLIK is a platform & community hub connecting female founders/leaders and students across the world via meaningful apprenticeships. Founders get helping hands on their businesses from verified, ambitious talent, network with other powerful female leaders through our Founders Hub, and get access to exclusive resources to accelerate their businesses. Apprentices volunteer in exchange for invaluable experience, skills training, mentorship, and network with fellow apprentices through our Apprentices Hub. FLIK has students from top universities signing onto the portal now as well as Forbes 30 Under 30 leaders and other distinguished womxn across 47+ countries. Our mission is to advance womxn's economic participation and accelerate womxn-led ventures on a global scale. FLIK has built an innovative infrastructure that is transforming the lives and career trajectories of many young womxn and female entrepreneurs by working towards the SDGS: gender equality, reduced inequalities, and quality education. In the changing professional landscape, female entrepreneurship is growing into a market of its own. There are several companies touching on portions of what we are offering, but nobody is tackling this problem specifically for underrepresented women. With online networking becoming a prevalent asset, and the idea of apprenticeships beyond the trades, a new market is opening up, allowing FLIK to merge the gap. FLIK is utilizing technology in 3 specific areas: create skills development or lifelong learning opportunities for young womxn to prepare for the future workforce; accelerate entrepreneurial skills and develop a new generation of job creators; and improve access to education and skills opportunities for womxn may be left behind by the rapidly changing global economy.


Protein + electrolytes that are light, fruity and refreshing.

About Us: Water-based and delicately sweetened with Canadian maple syrup; shaker-free and chalkiness-free. GUD will make you forget it's functional. Made with ingredients you recognize and trust. GUD gives your body what it needs after exercise; helping you rehydrate, recover, and come back stronger. Low in calories, cholesterol, fat and sugar; GUD gives you a building block for the diet of your choice.


Neupeak Robotics is feeding the future.

About Us: Neupeak is bringing fully automated strawberry harvesting robots that will provide hassle free, end to end fruit picking service with a guaranteed fixed pricing for every pound of strawberries picked. Our robotic harvester is compact, electric and fully autonomous. Our advanced fruit detection AI engine is capable of working during all lighting and weather conditions, including at night. This allows us to keep our operating costs low, pass these savings to growers and cut their current labour costs by as much as 30%. As a HW as a service company, we charge a fixed price for every lb of sb harvested by our robots. In the future, we will also help growers optimize their yields by collecting plant-level statistics. In addition, we will target high value markets such as greenhouse tomatoes and raspberries. Our first-generation robots have been in the field picking strawberries for over a year with our dev partner Berry Haven farms – one of the largest sb growers in BC. This experience in the field has allowed us to validate not only our technical approach, but also the use case and value proposition for our customers. We have generated tremendous interest in our product and have a robust pipeline of customers representing $2M of potential revenue. We already have strong commitments for $200K of revenue in 2021. Over the coming months, we will be raising capital to finalize our product designs and build inventory to service our 2021 customers. With broader validation in 2021, we expect to be on a significant growth trajectory in 2022 and beyond.


A digital risk tolerance toolkit for financial advisors.

About Us: After several months of development and iteration, we are now onboarding our first cohort of paying users. Looking ahead to 2021, we plan on raising a seed round to further snowball our growth as we enter our second year. We are excited to share with the startup community our dramatic progress over the last 6 months and highlight what e@ubc’s support has allowed us to accomplish thus far.

Rhyme Biotechnology

Clean, premium beauty products using microbial biocatalysts.

About Us: RhYme Biotechnology has created a synthetic biology platform that converts sustainable sugars and industrial wastes streams into high-value cosmetic chemicals that can be used to replace environmentally damaging ingredients, such as those derived from palm-oil, in cosmetic products. Replacing these detrimental ingredients with sustainable and better preforming alternatives, will allow RhYme Biotechnology to reduce the environmental impact of the cosmetic industry and provide consumers with superior products.


Social personal development platform.

About Us: We’re at an all-time high in our venture journey; launching Soulect in January 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited! We know that we’ll soon be needing capital to continue our momentum of growth. This will be an amazing opportunity to get in front of an audience, practice our pitch, gain exposure, and build brand awareness. We look forward to meeting incredible people who can join us, in their own unique way, to help build a platform that serves humanity!


Addressing food waste through upcycling.

About Us: Susgrainable is redefining what it means to have a sustainable business model within the food industry. Susgrainable leverages technology and partnerships to create an Upcycled Barley Flour from what was previously considered waste in the beer industry. Combined with its circular business model, Susgrainable’s bold vision is to create a world where food waste and diabetes are a thing of the past. Susgrainable currently operates out of East Vancouver. Susgrainable has partnered with 6 local craft breweries to create its inaugural product, Upcycled Barley Flour from brewers' spent grain. Upcycled Barley Flour is high in plant-based protein and fibre while being low in sugar. The Upcycled Barley Flour is used to produce a variety of baking mixes and premium baked goods available in select retailers in the Vancouver market - fighting both food waste and high sugar/low fibre diets.


Decarbonizing the chemical manufacturing industry

About Us: ThorTech is developing a platform technology to decarbonize the chemical manufacturing industry. Our reactor uses electricity to drive chemical reactions that would otherwise require fossil fuel inputs. The class of chemical reaction that we are targeting is known as hydrogenation and is used in 25% of all chemical manufacturing. Hydrogenation is essential for the production of biofuels, pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. Therefore, ThorTech has the potential to have a positive impact across a variety of industries. We plan to license our core technology to industrial partners so that they can design and build electrically-driven reactors that are safer, more energy-efficient, and can be powered by renewable sources. In 10 years, our goal is to have established a competitive product in renewable diesel production, be profitable, and have developed deep customer relationships in the pharmaceutical and commodity chemical industries. This potential for success is rooted in ThorTech’s use of electricity and water instead of pressurized hydrogen gas, which is flammable and highly explosive. Competitor hydrogenation plants require specialized equipment, expensive infrastructure, and extensive safety training to mitigate these safety concerns. By circumventing the use of hydrogen gas, ThorTech will meet the safety and sustainability needs of our customers.


Group 3: Ready-to-Raise

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BarrelWise Technologies

Giving winemakers the tools to better practice their art

About Us: BarrelWise Technologies Ltd. (BarrelWise) is a Vancouver-based company providing technology to enhance wine production and analysis. Wine has been made for thousands of years, and parts of its processes remain artisanal today. One of those processes is barrel ageing, key to adding flavour, texture and complexity to wines. Almost every high-end winery in the world ages wine in barrels. For large wineries with thousands of barrels, managing these barrels is extremely time and resource intensive. Barrels needs to be sampled, chemically analyzed, topped-up, and have a sulphite preservative added to them every 2-6 weeks. Additionally, each time the barrel is opened to complete these tasks, the wine inside is exposed to oxygen and bacteria in the air, which can degrade the wine quality, force winemakers to add more sulphites to the wine than is optimal and increase quality variability between barrels. BarrelWise is building the world’s first comprehensive solution for wine barrel management that delivers process efficiency, quality control, and barrel-by-barrel quality insights. The company has demonstrated this system to over 100 wineries and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So far, 25 wineries in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Chile have committed to trialing the BarrelWise system. Sandhill, Mission Hill, and Betz Family Winery have undergone successful trials and are subscribing to the system for their cellars.

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Wireless charging systems.

About Us: Virtually everything we do today requires electricity and all that power comes to us through a cable. Daanaa developed an integrated circuit (“IC”) based power transfer system that eliminates all wires, cables, and connectors. This is an enabling technology for many applications wherever power transaction is required. Daanaa identified its first application in solar panel integration, where we eliminate the series nature cells that are connected to each other, thus enabling each cell to operate at its maximum efficiency. This represents a much-needed transformation in the sector in a field is expected to continue and grow for the next 30 years and beyond. At scale, Daanaa dramatically reduces the cost of energy and will deliver the locally generated power wirelessly directly into devices in the home and offices; allowing energetic independence, and offset more than 277T of GHG per household.

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Tele-Health monitoring system.

About Us: The journey back to wellbeing starts with the nervous system, as it connects our body, mind, behaviours and environment. It reflects our overall health. When we are active, sleep consistently and live a purposeful life, our nervous system makes us feel expansive and resilient. When life interrupts us and we develop poor habits, our nervous system limits us as our wellbeing deteriorates. Getting back on track becomes increasingly challenging. healthQb is a guided program for healing your nervous system and restoring wellbeing. We start by discovering what’s disrupting your wellbeing through a 3-week baseline assessment. We focus on discovering the hidden factors of health and wellbeing that cause chronification and are keeping you trapped in undesired states and unhealthy routines. We assess your nervous system for signs of dysregulation to establish a baseline for monitoring growth. After completing your baseline assessment, your allied health practitioner will help you create a personalized wellbeing plan. Your wellbeing plan focuses on areas of health and wellbeing that you might not have considered important, and is aimed at developing balance and resilience. The plan provides you with the fastest path to wellness. healthQb becomes your companion to wellbeing as you implement the recommended health routines. We provide you with personalized daily practices based on how your nervous system. After a few short weeks, your new health routines seamlessly become habits. Start your journey to wellbeing with healthQb, and give your nervous system the love it needs.

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Your locations, files, images, and conversations all in one platform.

About Us: Matidor eliminates collaboration and visibility challenges in the environmental, energy, and field services by consolidating all key project information on one intuitive, map-based dashboard, with real-time updates that can be shared between multiple parties. With Matidor, all stakeholders can drill down to a specific location with user-friendly GIS tools and key data such as budgets, tasks, and files, making it easy for non-technical users to update and share geospatial information along with critical project details. Our intuitive reporting provides them with peace of mind, with regular deadline reminders and notifications of critical events. Lastly, the ability to share project data and standardize workflows for vendors using our platform facilitates better decision-making and ensures that all projects result in a better environmental footprint and cleaner resource extraction. 


Measure once. Cut once.

About Us: ShapeMeasure's top-two goals are: sell our service and raise our next round of capital. Presenting at the Venture Showcase will give me the opportunity to network with folks who may be, or may know customers or investors for us.


Tools designed by photographers, for photographers.

About Us: Skylab is a Computational Photography SaaS company that sells image processing to photography studios built with the precision of AI and trained with over one million proprietary images, our model is able to execute human quality at machine speeds. We are a proud Vancouver born and raised team who were farmed up through UBC over the years in multiple disciplines. Rejoining the school as a team has been one of the best choices we have made as a team and are anxious to continue the journey.

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Sonus Microsystems

Creator of the Polymer-Based Ultrasound TransducerTechnology.

About Us: Sonus Microsystems is a UBC spinoff using newly invented ultrasound technology to improve the early detection of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year worldwide, and causing the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women. A favorable prognosis of up to 99% during a 5-year period is possible if identified early, versus 27% when metastatic. The current standard for screening breast cancer is x-ray based mammography but failure rates are still too high especially for women with dense breast tissue. This is a significant unmet medical need since 40% of women have dense breasts and a higher risk for a misdiagnosis (false negative). Ultrasound is often used as a complementary diagnostic tool in addition to mammography for women with dense breasts. However, ultrasound is highly dependent on the skills of the operator has an extremely low repeatability rate. Sonus Microsystems is developing a novel ultrasound sensor that can obtain a 3D image of the breast at the same time as a mammography examination is performed. This generates a dual-modality image (x- ray plus ultrasound) of the breast for an early and accurate detection of breast cancer during the first examination. Our technology will improve survival rates by enabling early treatment. Currently, no other technology can do such dual-modality imaging. This will greatly impact the lives of women around the world. In short, Sonus Microsystems aims to beat breast cancer.

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Making agriculture more prosperous and sustainable.

About Us: At Verdi, we are developing the next generation of hyper-precise irrigation to help farmers meet rising food demand in a time of climate crisis. Just like humans, every plant has unique growing needs, but the technology available to farmers forces them to give every plant the same water and fertilizer. This is not only inefficient, but it also damages crops. We solve this problem using swarms of tiny, network-connected valves, making it possible to uniquely irrigate subsections of crop rows, or even individual plants. Think targeted drug delivery, but for plants. Our magic lies in the AI and sensors we are building to solve the scalability problem of hyper-precise irrigation. By creating consistent yield and quality, we help farmers unlock up to 25% more revenue while using 30% less water. We also make it possible to avoid catastrophic crop loss resulting from extreme weather like heat waves, which are becoming more common due to climate change. Since launching in March 2020, we have completed a paid pilot on 2 acres for $7.1k with Arterra Wines Canada ($1.2B sales) that we are currently expanding. We have also secured $100k in additional commitments spanning wine, cannabis, and apples, including a pilot with E&J Gallo ($5B sales), the world’s largest wine brand. We were recently accepted into Alchemist Accelerator. Currently, we are raising $300k-$500k to continue developing our data science and to spearhead 2022 expansion.

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A new medical device for chronic snorers.

About Us: Zennea’s ZENS System uses neurostimulation to externally reduce airflow restrictions to treat and mitigate chronic snoring and mild OSA. The ZENS Device is placed under the chin and stays in place using a double-sided daily disposable adhesive. The device connects to a mobile phone that uses an application to control the ZENS Device. ZENS is not just another snoring aid but is expected to be the first clinically proven, regulated device that reduces snoring by intervening with the physiological mechanism that causes the problem. ZENS will be available by prescription either via telemedicine, or directly from the customer’s own physician. Zennea will utilize telemedicine to reach out to customers and continue to engage them in their health using sleep tracking technology. In the first 30 days of opening our clinical trial site over 100 people reached out to participate. We’re a JLABS and HAX alumni company that has just joined Google’s female founder accelerator. Zennea’ Core team has over 45 years of experience in clinical, regulatory & tech commercialization process.